Introducing your amazing MFL resource – your Sat-Nav

Sat-Nav – an accidental but absolutely brilliant MFL Resource

For some years I have had my Sat-Nav switched to Italian to help me learn “La Bella Lingua”. It’s so easy to do – go to the settings and choose the language you wish to hear your instructions in. On most Sat-Navs you  can also choose the gender of your guide  – I have a dulcet toned Italian woman gently guiding me through the streets of London. It turns out that Sat-Navs are totally accidental – but absolutely brilliant MFL Resources.

Having the instructions in another language is a form of total immersion. If you are travelling alone then this is the only language you’ll hear – maybe for some time. That’s cool. But what makes Sat-Navs a top MFL resource is that everything that the Sat-Nav says comes with accompanying directions. You can see ahead of you and also on the map exactly what she is saying.

When my Italian guide says: “Gira a destra fra due cento metri” – I can see the map showing a turning to the right in 200 metres. Very soon you don’t need to look at the map – repetition and context ensure you pick it up very quickly.

Just by having your Sat-Nav switched on you’ll learn a host of great directional and travel vocabulary – all in real time – all with accompanying notes. E fantastico!

If you have a Sat-Nav try it.

If you are nervous about getting lost you can switch it on just for journeys you’re familiar with.

I’ve not seen this idea anywhere else – so share it and enjoy it.

Bon Voyage!

Another great MFL resource for your travels

If you are looking for great language tools for travelling then KLOO Language Games fits the bill. Based on special word playing cards, players can easily make sentences in foreign languages and learn words as they play. The games are designed to make learning a language fast, easy and fun. You can play on your travels and speak when you arrive.

Travel versions of the cards come as double deck cartons and with each deck you can make tens of thousands of proper sentnces – even if you’re an absolute beginner.

In 2011 KLOO won Dr Toy’s Best Vacation Product while Conde Nast Traveler Magazine judged it to be one of the “10 Must pack items” for holiday. KLOO cards are available for learning Spanish, French and English.

Check out how easy it is to make sentences in this short cartoon video.


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