How to speak Spanish, French or Italian using KLOO Games

3 Steps to Rapid Language Learning

KLOO® has embedded important language learning principles inside an award winning game. When customers play for the first time, they are often taken aback at how swiftly they learn how to speak Spanish, French or Italian without having to work or study.

Step 1 Make a sentence (in seconds)

By using KLOO’s unique ColourSense™ cards, you will, within seconds, learn how to make tens of thousands of grammatically correct sentences quickly and easily – even if you’re an absolute beginner (watch the 1st video below).
In most games you earn 1 point for every card you play – so make your sentence as long as possible!
How to speak Spanish with KLOO games
How to speak Spanish fast

Step 2 Build your vocabulary as you play

By using the power of Discovery Learning you will quickly learn words as you play. Discovery Learning makes learning foreign words feel natural and almost effortless because it uses the same principles we used to learn our first language. Discovery Learning is by far the most powerful way to build vocabulary and is up to 10 X  faster than more traditional methods (watch the 2nd video below to see why).
As you score a point for every card you can translate, you will be amazed at how fast you build your vocabulary to grab those extra points.

Building Vocabulary 10 x faster

Players effortlessly learn between 15 – 25 words in a 25 minute game. Compare that with the average 15 words a month learned by the average secondary school student in the 5 years leading up to exams (Source: Milton: Journal of French Language Studies). By comparison, players build vocabulary 10 x faster when playing KLOO. It’s the proven Discovery Learning element inside KLOO games which make picking up language so easy and natural.
Learn how to speak Spanish French and Italian vocabulary
Learn how foreign vocabulary as you play

Step 3 Say your sentence out loud

It’s now the time to say your foreign sentence out loud – and even that is easy with KLOO cards. Under each word you play, there is phonetic pronunciation guide telling you exactly how to say it (see the big card below).
So say your sentence, translate your words, score your points and mark on the board (if playing the game board version). Compete, race and overtake – and have more fun than you ever thought possible for learning a language.

KLOO Language Games for all the family

How KLOO's Coloursense™ cards make language easy

KLOO has developed a unique card system that packs proven language learning principles inside every KLOO game. The cards make the process of learning vocabulary and building sentences a more intuitive and natural process.
Discovery learning is a much more powerful way to build vocabulary that simulates the way we learned our first language.
The coloured arrow system make the building of foreign sentences a breeze. In a short while players stop looking at the arrows because they instinctively know what comes next.
The pronunciation guide gives players confidence to speak out loud
By creating a smart learning system, KLOO makes learning how to speak Spanish, French or Italian seem almost effortless, leaving players free to enjoy the game.

Learn how to speak Spanish French or Italian with KLOO cards

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The proven Language Principles inside KLOO Games

KLOO® uses the proven principles of language learning and embedded them in a game system. These principles of language learning are independently corroborated by language experts. It means you can learn how to speak Spanish, French or Italian at least 200% faster just by playing. There is no need to work, write or study leaving you to have fun while learning fast.

1. The best way to learn a language is through DISCOVERY LEARNING. This is the natural way we learned our first language. Discovery Learning involves discovering what you want to know, when you want to know it. Some scientists call this the “Aha! Moment” or “Eureka Moment”. This is how our brains are hot-wired to learn a language.

2. CONTEXT is crucial. By putting words into context you give your new vocabulary meaning. Meaningfulness is a central plank for getting words into your LONG TERM MEMORY. The best technique for learning words is to seek the meaning of a word and then use it in a sentence. Using it straight away helps to lock it in.

3. FUN is a hugely important factor but often overlooked. Many people give up learning a language because it becomes a chore. However if you enjoy it, you do it more. The more you do it, the more you learn. KLOO® is definitely FUN.

4. REAL PEOPLE means speaking out loud with real people as opposed to learning from screens or audio devices. We learned our first language by talking with other people and all research shows this is the best way. Speaking with others will massively reduce your learning time.

5. GENERATIVE means learning to use words as building blocks to make sentences rather than by rote.  If you learn how to use words in sentences you rapidly build up the number of ways you can express yourself. With just one deck of KLOO® you can make nearly 3 million sentences.

Learn how to speak Spanish French or Italian using proven language principles
Embedded language principles make learning a language easy


Learni how to speak Spanish with KLOO cards
Quickly learn how to speak Spanish

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