Your language learning questions answered.

1. What is MFL?

MFL stands for Modern Foreign Languages. More generally it refers to languages currently spoken and widely taught. In the UK that would include languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German. Latin would not be considered a MFL because it is not currently spoken.

2. How much knowledge of the language do I need to start playing

None. These games allow you to start playing with no knowledge at all. That will change though. Within the first few minutes of your first game you’ll start learning. By the end of a game you’ll be surprised by how much you have picked up.

3. How old do the players have to be?

Depending on a players reading ability we say that players can be from 8 years old up to 100! The player just needs to be able to read a foreign word.

4. What standard of learner is KLOO® for?

KLOO® is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners. Advanced learners and fluent speakers can use KLOO® cards to play and teach other learners.

5. How long does it take to master a single deck of KLOO® cards

It will differ from person to person and how much prior knowledge the player has. However, most people find it is a quicker and a more intuitive process than learning from books or CDs. Our tests show that someone will have a good grasp of all the content in a deck after playing with them for 4 or 5 games.

6. Do I need to study grammar before I use KLOO® cards

NO. KLOO® uses an intuitive ColourSense™ system to help you create grammatically correct sentences. Simply play the cards in the right sequence and your sentence will make grammatical sense.

7. Can KLOO® be used to teach children?

Yes. KLOO® has created fantastic French games for kids and Italian games for kids, as well as Spanish games for kids. Kids love learning a language this way. It’s fast, fun and effective.

8. Is KLOO® used in schools?

Yes. Teachers are using KLOO’s Spanish, Italian and French MFL games for teaching French and Spanish. KLOO® steps in where flashcards, snap, sing-along and simple language games finish off and keep children engaged and motivated through the critical years from ages 7 – 15.  Teachers can download Top School Case Studies of KLOO as an MFL resource for language classes, and its impact on learning and enthusiasm.

9. What about adult learning?

KLOO® has great teach yourself language games for adults too. As KLOO® is a game system it offers a range of games. There are fast paced, loud games for children and more sophisticated strategic games for adults. Games can be for several players or you can play solitaire games as a single player. You can watch a video of how to play a French language game (which both adults and children love). You can also download all 16 language learning games in French, Italian and Spanish.

10. How many people can play KLOO® games?

Just as with traditional playing cards you can play KLOO® games on your own or with other players. Six players would normally be the most players that would play with one deck.

11. How do we know if the pronunciation is right

Underneath each word is how the word should be pronounced. If you use the pronunciation guide, you’ll soon pick up the differences from how words in your own language sound. In this modern day too, you can check how foreign words are pronounced by a native speaker on the internet

12. What languages does KLOO® cover?

Currently we have sell French Language Learning Games, Italian Language Learning GamesSpanish Language Learning Games and TEFL Games (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

13. Do you plan more languages

Yes we do. We are expanding into other European languages including English as a foreign language.

14. How many games can I play with KLOO®?

When you buy KLOO® cards you don’t just buy a single game – you buy a whole range of language games! Just like traditional playing cards, KLOO® cards can be played in a variety of different ways from “Patience” type games through to “Memory” challenges to vocabulary games. We provide the rules for more than ten top games and this number is growing all the time.

15. How do I know the rules to a KLOO® game?

We provide you with a set of rules for each language learning game which can be altered for beginners or more advanced players, whether you’re playing on your own or with other people. However you play the game – you’ll be rewarded for learning! With that incentive spurring you on, you’ll be amazed how fast your language improves.

16. Will KLOO® make me fluent?

No. It is designed to give you a working knowledge of 400 – 500 commonly used words. With these words at your disposal you will be able to create thousands of sentences and express yourself in many commonplace situations. It will also provide with you a solid platform to then go on for more advanced language studies.

17. Who is behind this game?

Andrew Finan. He initially designed the game for non commercial reasons to help his children learn Italian. He saw that his children learned quicker and with more passion when they played his games. In order to bring the games to more language learners, he resigned as Managing Director of IMG and set up Finan Enterprises to sell the games direct.

18. What if I am not entirely satisfied?

You are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee! We want you to be totally satisfied with KLOO® – that’s why all of our games are backed by our better than money back guarantee. If after one month you are not entirely happy with KLOO®, then simply return them to us for a 100% refund, no questions asked. There is no reason not to start playing and learning with KLOO®.

19. To what standard has this game been produced?

All KLOO® cards are printed on the larger, Poker sized cards (88mm x 63mm) for extra clarity. For extra durability each card is produced out of double layered Games Board. All KLOO® games exceed the European Standard for toys and games, EN71. Each deck is individually sealed and shrink wrapped ready for you to play. KLOO® is a premium quality product that will last and can give you many years of enjoyment.

20. How do KLOO cards work?

Please go to How KLOO Works to see the simple two step process to playing with KLOO® cards.

21. Do I need to buy a game board?

No. The game board is an optional extra. The KLOO® card system work alone in the same way traditional playing cards do. In some games, however, you will need paper and a pen to score.

22. Why do you have a game board?

We have found that turning your game into a race around a game board makes playing KLOO® even more fun, more visual and more motivational. People try harder to get ahead and improved language performance naturally follows. We recommend you use the board in all KLOO® scoring games.