Spanish Usted and Ustedes cards

These cards are for those learning Spanish and who want to practice the use of “usted” and “ustedes” as the formal way of saying “you” in Latin American Spanish. KLOO decks are mathematically balanced so please follow the instruction below.
These cards will work with the Everyday Objects double decks available in Race to Madrid board game.
In these download sheets you will find usted and ustedes conjugated verb cards to download and play with.


  1. PRINT – you can print directly onto card, or thick paper (or normal copier paper and stick onto card).
  2. CUT OUT – Cut out the cards. There are markers around the cards so they are the exact size.
  3. REPLACE – KLOO decks are mathematically balanced so you need to replace the present tense verb cards in your decks with these new verb cards.

Have fun!

Usted and Ustedes verb conjugations of Spanish verbs

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