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Homeschooling Resources fior learning Spanish and French

It’s not easy for a parent to be fluent in a foreign language (if they aren’t already). But here’s the good news. Research shows that parents don’t have to be fluent in a second language to help their children learn (see Helping your child learn a language). Indeed, the child will benefit from you just learning alongside them.
What is more, research again suggests that one of the best ways to learn a language is to play games (see: What’s the best way to teach children a language?). So your lesson can be consist of playing as opposed to studying…and at the same time be more effective.

Enthusiastic children learning up to 10 X faster at home*

By embedding important language principles inside award-winning Language Games, KLOO makes language learning fast, easy and fun. Many parents claim they see a whole new and improved attitude to learning languages.
Parents who are teaching their children can use KLOO’s range of Homeschooling Resources to teach children from absolute beginners through to intermediate standards. At top schools, KLOO is already used to teach 7 – 14 year old children and achieve multiple objectives:
  • Building vocabulary up 10 X faster (see Research below)
  • Making sentences in seconds
  • Speaking the language out loud
  • Increasing motivation and enthusiasm
  • Practising with verbs, pronouns, adjectives, nouns, expressions and connectives
Homeschooling Resources for Languages
Learning a language at home can be fun

“FANTASTIC GAME! Bought this for the family and it is brilliant. Have just used packs 1 and 2 so far although bought all 4. Great for all ages and abilities – mixed children and adults works fine. Very good because it self corrects and teaches as you go along. Am looking forward to extension packs in the future” J Ginny, Parent, England

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KLOO Games provides the building blocks of language

Using games in MFL lessons

Each deck is packed full of language learning

Each deck of KLOO contains a careful selection of high frequency words that work together around a particular language theme. The decks are mathematically weighted with a precise number of word types to give students an understanding of how word types work together including:
Teach French Homeschooling Resources
French Homeschooling Resources






Common Expressions

Language Themes covered in KLOO cards include:

People“, “Eating & Drinking“, “Places“, “Clothing” and “Everyday Objects.

This game is without a doubt the best Language learning game I’ve ever used as a Teacher of Languages – we’ve got a whole cupboard full of more expensive alternatives that fail to deliver what this game does in bundles; fun and learning at the same time. All the learners (including my own kids, aged 8 and 11), that I’ve played it with it have loved it. Angela, TOP 100 Amazon “Vine” Reviewer and MFL Teacher

“I teach Spanish to students, ages 8-13, and the kids love this game! The color-coded cards correspond to parts of speech (easy grammar reinforcement! yay!) and allow all types of learners and skill levels to play. Beginners can form sentences without any knowledge of the language at all. Throughout the game, translations located at the bottom of the cards allow players to learn vocabulary and gain points. Even my reluctant learners are motivated to figure out what the cards mean” Diana, Amazon Reviewer, US MFL Teacher

Choose your child's language

Language Research

Learning up to 10 X Faster: Players using KLOO’s MFL Games effortlessly learn between 15 – 25 words in a 25 minute game. Compare that with the average 15 words a month learned by the average secondary school student in the 5 years leading up to exams (Source: Milton: Journal of French Language Studies). By comparison, players build vocabulary 10 x faster when playing KLOO. It’s the Discovery Learning element inside KLOO games which make picking up language so easy and natural.

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