"KLOO in School" Case Studies by MFL Teachers

MFL resouces in French Spanish and Italian and English

Case Studies on the "Impact of KLOO MFL Resources"


Teacher: Karen Christiansen

French and Spanish Teacher

MFL Resources assessed: French and Spanish

13 – 18 year olds

Prince Charles Secondary School,

Creston, Canada


“When I told them they can play a board game in class, they were really happy. At first the reluctant learners thought that they couldn’t do it because they couldn’t translate their cards independently. After teaching them how it works, and how they can verify their translations themselves, they liked it a lot more because it didn’t feel like “work”. KLOO really helps them make lots of sentences, and believe that they CAN make sentences, on their own.”

KLOO in Class

KLOO MFL Resources in the classroom
Canadian Students learning French

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Case Study of MFL Resource in classroom
MFL Resources Case Study


Teacher: Veronica Fernandez Sobejano

Spanish Teacher

MFL Resources assessed: Spanish

US Navy Personnel (Adults & Children)

US Naval Station of Rota, Spain



“After playing two or three times with the same deck students have almost magically learned all the vocabulary, not only to write and read each word correctly but also to pronounce it right. It is also easier for a student to know how to arrange the words in a sentence when looking at the coloured arrows. All the students, I’ve played it with it have loved it. And the enthusiasm increases every time we put the game box on the table. Students are eager to play.”

KLOO in Class

Teach Spanish MFL Resources in School
US Navy Personnel learning Spanish

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KLOO used as MFL resource for US Navyb personnel
MFL Resources Case Study


Teacher: Miss Buttriss

Spanish Teacher

MFL Resources assessed: Spanish

Trafalgar Primary School

Primary School Children

Richmond, UK


“That element of fun and motivation is key, particularly to children of this age really. They don’t realize they’re learning. They’re playing the game, enjoying playing the game, and in a way for them, the by-product is they’re learning. They love it when they play it again and they go, “Oh, I remember this word from yesterday”. I think probably the first thing I would do is get other teachers to play KLOO themselves, because I think they would learn how easy it is to begin to learn through playing the game.”

KLOO in Class

Teach Spanish MFL Resources for School
Primary School children learn Spanish

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Language Teacher talks about KLOO MFL Resources


Teacher: Susie Sparks

French, Spanish, EFL Tutor

MFL Resources assessed: French & Spanish

Pronounce Languages

Ages: 5 to 72

Stevenage, UK


“It covers many of the topics that are used in KS3 and GCSE exams, for example
clothes, everyday objects, food and drink and places. It definitely engages students. They are always happy to see the game and often ask me to bring it back the next week so that they can play with a different deck. Students enjoy searching for the words they don’t know in order to
score extra points and they generally remember them the second time around.”

KLOO in Class

KLOO MFL Resources in Spanish French and Italian
Learning a language with MFL Resources

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MFL Resources Case Sudy of KLOO Games
MFL Resources Case Study

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