KLOO...the story so far

Andrew is a father of two lovely daughters, plays the guitar (badly) and a multi-award winning games maker. He also believes that learning a foreign language is a wonderful thing – one of the top 10 things you should do in your life.

Like a lot of things, KLOO was born of frustration! It was designed to help his children learn a language.

Married to an Italian and with holidays planned to the continent every year, Andrew wanted his two daughters to speak other languages. He bought a range of products and activities: CDs, DVDs, software, books, audio devices and lessons and was perplexed at how slow they were learning. Two things became clear: his children did not enjoy learning a language – it simply wasn’t fun! Secondly, the materials didn’t seem to be effective anyway.  Having been involved in designing games for many years, he started to wonder if he could create a game that replicated the way we all learned our first language – so it was more natural, easier and fun.

From Scraps of paper around the kitchen table

Playing with scraps of paper around the kitchen table, he designed and refined the KLOO® concept. The reaction of his daughters to the game surprised him. Within minutes they were shouting out foreign sentences, laughing and completely absorbed in the game, while tests showed they were learning more in a single game of KLOO® than in a month at school. Tests showed that children and adults learn between 20 and 30 words a game – without knowing it!

KLOO is launched

Taken aback by how well it worked, Andrew decided he wanted to help other learners and set up a business. After 18 months of development KLOO was launched at The Language Show, London, UK in October 2010. KLOO has gone on from strength to strength mainly on the back of positive reviews.

Awards and More

Since then, Andrew’s children have grown up and KLOO have won 9 Major Awards for being both fun and educational. It’s also become the best selling language game on Amazon. Whilst that is rewarding, what he finds most motivating is when he hears stories about how KLOO is helping other kids, parents, adults and teachers around the world to learn and teach a language in a more fun and effective way. He shares these stories with his wife and children.

We hope you enjoy learning a language with KLOO too.

The creation of KLOO language Games
My kids spurred me on to create KLOO

Andrew's family played Race to Paris in Paris
Andrew’s family played Race to Paris in Paris




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