Free Language Resources for MFL Teachers

More and more MFL teachers are using KLOO language resources to build vocabulary, explain grammar and make learning a language fun. The evidence of many schools is that students love playing KLOO and, because the game is embedded with important language principles, they learn fast too.

To help MFL teachers we have assembled here some useful language resources to get the most out of lessons. Whether you are teaching young children or adults, KLOO has been shown to bring about a remarkable increase in enthusiasm and language aptitude.

KLOO is especially good for:  
•  Creating Sentences •  Speaking Out Loud
•  Discovering Meanings •  Learning Grammar principles
•  Themed Vocabulary •  Having Fun
•  Human Interaction •  Hands & Visual Learning

FREE KLOO Language Resources

How to Play Videos

TIP: Some teachers have cannily asked students to watch the videos before the lesson so they already know how to play. Children grasp the sentence making system and vocabulary principles in a heart beat. When they come into the lesson they are ready to go.

Free Card Extensions

In your decks you will already have cards in the present tense. With the cards extensions, you can print off extra cards in the Past and Future tenses. These cards add great value to the game and are absolutely FREE. Card extensions are available in French, Spanish and English as a foreign language.



KLOO® French Deck 1, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® French Deck 1, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® French Deck 2, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® French Deck 2, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® French Deck 3, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® French Deck 3, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® French Deck 4, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® French Deck 4, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards


KLOO® Spanish Deck 1, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® Spanish Deck 1, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® Spanish Deck 2, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® Spanish Deck 2, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® Spanish Deck 3, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® Spanish Deck 3, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® Spanish Deck 4, Future Tense
 Print Off Cards
KLOO® Spanish Deck 4, Past Tense
 Print Off Cards


KLOO® English Deck 1, Future Tense
KLOO® English Deck 1, Past Tense
KLOO® English Deck 2, Future Tense
KLOO® English Deck 2, Past Tense
KLOO® English Deck 3, Future Tense
KLOO® English Deck 3, Past Tense
KLOO® English Deck 4, Future Tense
KLOO® English Deck 4, Past Tense
KLOO Language Resources in the classroom
Canadian Teenagers learning French in Canada
KLOO Language resources used by US Navy Personnel
US Navy Personnel learning Spanish in Spain
Language Resources used in Trafalgar School, Richmond, England
Primary Schoolboy learning Spanish in England
Language Resources used in Adult Tutor Group
Adult tutor group learning French in England

How You can use KLOO to inspire your class

A Versatile Language Resource

With each deck of KLOO you can play 16 different games. There are Solitaire games, Quick Fire Quiz games and traditional style card games such as Classic KLOO. It means that KLOO can be used to teach just one student or a whole class; and it can be as quick as 5 minutes or last 40 minutes. Put simply, KLOO is very versatile and can fit in with your schedule.

However you use KLOO, you can be sure your students are learning fast and having fun

Class Demonstrations

With different word types represented by specific coloured cards, KLOO works well as a visual aid to help your class see how words work together to make grammatical sense.

And it’s all so easy to demonstrate with KLOO’s unique ColourSense” cards. Now students can see how to make a sentence. This aspect of language, which many find confusing, now becomes obvious. Very soon your class will know what how to make a sentence without looking at the arrows. It becomes natural and instinctive.

Whole lessons with KLOO

Many teachers are turning whole lessons over to KLOO because of its impact. Children will be busy learning words, making sentences and talking out loud – the very essence of language – to score points. 8 games of 4 students will engage a class of 32. Once they know the rules, students are very capable running the game without teacher intervention….and because the games are auto-answering (a game that answers itself), teachers do not need to sit in on the games to arbitrate.

It means you are free to walk around and observe while your students are fully engaged and learning at a remarkable pace. You can download (for free) full lesson plans to identify the range of key MFL objectives being met by playing KLOO.

End of Class Fun

Need to finish on a high and lighten the mood at the end of class?

Play Penalty Shoot Out….a quick fire vocab game that lasts just a few minutes but creates enormous enthusiasm among students. Watch this video to see how…

Penalty Shoot-Out

Language Clubs

As a game, KLOO is perfect for language clubs. One of the things that teachers tell us they really like about KLOO, is that it is an auto-answering game – i.e. the game answers the questions it poses. All words that are unknown are discovered and translated by the students as they play. This means that teachers do not have to sit in on each game to arbitrate over the meanings of words. The students do that for themselves.

So for language clubs, where students can just get out a board and play, and learn…KLOO is perfect.

Setting homework - that they'll love

A student is struggling with vocabulary and not enthused. What do you do?

Send them home with a deck of KLOO cards and tell them to play Under Starters Orders 4 times (Tell them to watch the How to Play Video on the KLOO website). They’ll just be having great fun playing cards – but, often without knowing it,will learn seriously fast. The only way to win is to build vocabulary.

Once they have learned all the words in one deck – give them the next one. They’ll build vocabulary (and learn how to make sentences) quickly and easily and it will never feel like homework!

A KLOO Competition

By tapping into our innate competitive streak, KLOO can get even the least enthusiastic language student learning words and making sentences to score points! To make the most of this opportunity: create a class competition, put students in pairs as teams, and bring along a Cup. The winner becomes the French / Spanish / Italian champion.

The KLOO Language Cup is a simple idea but the impact is remarkable – and can make language one of the most talked about and popular subjects in school.

An Inter-School Competition

You’ve played KLOO and you have seen the enthusiasm of your students. With a little co-operation from another school, now could be the time to introduce a KLOO Inter-School Competition. Play games internally to select your French / Spanish or Italian team…and then pitch them against another school.

You will be simply amazed at how your class set about learning every word to firstly get on the team and then to win the Cup for your school.

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