How long for a beginner to make a sentence in French or Spanish?

If you don’t know the meanings of words – how long does it take to arrange them to make a sentence?

Less than 20 seconds.

Even for an absolute beginner?


OK If you don’t know the meanings of words – how long does it take to learn how to make tens of thousands of sentences in a foreign language?

Less that 20 seconds.




Using KLOO’s unique award-winning colour card system. Learners love them..

Read the image below…that’s how long it takes. I can read it in 15 seconds.

Or you can also watch the cartoon video further below.

And the spin off is that you will learn the words at least 200% faster because they are in context. That’s really smart – and fun.

How to make sentences and phrases in French and Spanish:


KLOO uses European Community Registered Designed cards to make language fast easy and fun. It was developed by a professional games designer working with MFL teachers and language experts. In 2011 it won 6 major international awards including ToyTalk Best Board of Card Game and Dr Toy Best Classic Toy. MFL teachers are finding that their classes love playing KLOO (and learn fast).

KLOO French Games

KLOO Spanish Games

KLOO MFL Games in French and Spanish

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