The Best Travel Games to pack this holiday

Top Travel Games that pack a foreign language

What makes a great travel game?

Fun? Well yes – of course.

Portable? That would be handy.

Keep you occupied when travelling? Of course – that’s the main point!

So fun, portable and engaging. Well there are some great games which tick those boxes: travel scrabble, travel Monopoloy, travel chess, Uno, playing cards, backgammon…and lots more. They all work and we as a family have actually taken all of the above on various holidays.

A travel game with a language built in

What if we add another criterion? What if we say the game should help you to speak the language of the country you are travelling to – so that you can play the game as you travel and speak the language when you arrive? How does that sound?

Good – but it still has to be a great game!

OK- how about if it had also won these awards:

Dr Toy’s Best Vacation Product 2011

Condé Nast Traveler Magazine: Top Ten must pack items

ToyTalk’s Best Card Game 2011

If you want to tick all of these boxes – then you need to be taking a look at KLOO.

Top Travel Game judged best for holidays

KLOO is perhaps the perfect travel game. It comes in handy sized, double decked packs and with each deck you can play 16 different games – the main difference being that you effortlessly learn a language as you play. Some games are quick fire quiz type games for kids (like Penalty Shoot Out – see video below), while others require card playing skills like Classic KLOO (see below). You can even play a solitaire game to build vocab for beginners (Under Starters Orders – see video). From £12.99 – KLOO offers games for learning French or Spanish while having fun.

Going on holiday? Want a travel game? Take a look at KLOO!

Language Learning Videos

Want a fun quiz game for the kids to build vocabulary? Watch KLOO Penalty Shoot Out


Make sentences and learn words to score points? Classic KLOO is a favourite


Want to play on your own and build words? Under Starters Orders is perfect


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