How to use Kindle to learn a language

3 steps to using Kindle E-books to learn a language

Learn a language with Kindle E-Books

Volumes have been written about Kindle and the way it can revolutionize the way we read.  But did you know Kindle and E-Books also make learning a language a lot easier….read on.

As well as using Kindle for reading my usual books, I also use it to brush up my Italian. In doing so I have learned that the Kindle has made learning a language through reading, easier than ever. There are just 3 simple steps to more enjoyable and productive reading of foreign books.

Here they are.

3 Steps to using your Kindle for language learning

Step 1.. Firstly through your Kindle (or e-Reader), go to the Amazon Store and buy a digital book in your chosen language. I find that if I put in the term “Italian” lots of Italian language books appear. Choose one of the right level and download to your kindle. Simple.

Step 2.. Now this is the really smart part. Buy a dictionary too. I bought an Italian-English dictionary and it automatically links to your Italian books!! What does this mean? Well in essence, when you don’t know the meaning of a word, you simply move your cursor in front of the unknown word and hey presto…the translation will automatically appear. It saves you an enormous amount of time. Usually you would have to put down your book, pick up a dictionary, then search for the word in the dictionary. It’s disruptive and time consuming. Now you can find the word in seconds and you never have to leave the book.

Step 3.. This last step is optional but is a powerful step. If you think the word is important then you can make a footnote in your e-book and enter the meaning. When you next come to read you can take a look at all of the words you have made a footnote against and remind yourself of their meanings. You read the word in its original context and this helps the word to stick.

For some time I have been switching between languages. One Italian book followed by an English book. But reading Italian with Kindle is such a pleasure.

Using Games to learn a second language

Another great way to learn a language is to play games. KLOO is an award winning game that lets you create sentences in a foreign language to score points and learn foreign words as as you play. It’s a lot of fun and was judged the UK’s Best Board or Card Game 2011 at the annual ToyTalk awards.

See how easy it is, for instance, for even an absolute beginner yo make foreign sentences in French with KLOO cards in seconds. Have fun!


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