Languages and games help old age and dementia

Languages, mfl games, old age and dementia

games and old age

Old age is increasingly common. Did you know most of the people who have ever lived to be older than 65 are alive today? As for living to 100 that will become common place. Children born today have very good prospects for a long life.

While longevity is a good thing, it brings with it many challenges – not least our mental capabilities dim in old age. And yet there is much we can do. Exercise and a good diet can play their part. However it is increasingly accepted that we can keep our mental faculties sharp in old age through playing games. Chess, cross word puzzles, Sudoku and bridge all have been shown to help keep us quick witted. Anything that exercises and challenges the grey matter is a good thing!

At the same time there is growing evidence that attaining a second language also has many mental benefits. It makes us more creative, articulate and improves our cognitive skills. These are skills we can benefit from throughout our lives. However there is more good news. It was recently reported in the Daily Telegraph that having a second language even helps to fight the onset of dementia in later life.

The best of both worlds – a language game

If languages and games benefit us in old age – then why not combine them – why not play a language game? Many grandparents buy KLOO language games in French and Spanish for their grand children studying at school….but how about the family buying a language game for the grandparents? You’re never too old to learn a language (contrary to the myth put out there). Our KLOO boxes say our games are for ages 8 – 100. Do you have relatives living to 100 – why not play KLOO with them? Learn a language, have fun and health benefits for the grand parents too.

There are 16 great games you can play with KLOO cards. Check out below how easy it is to play and learn French or Spanish words with KLOO Games:


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