Games are not just for the playing fields – they’re for the classroom

Let the Games begin – in your class!

With all the euphoria around the Olympics and the renewed focus on the benefits of kids playing sports, we should not forget that games not just for the playing fields.

Games are important in the classroom too. They can play a hugely important and effective part in a child’s education and have in-built advantages to many other educational materials. When we play games our senses are heightened and as a result:

  • We focus more
  • We are more alert
  • We try harder
  • We have fun

Of course a  game for school has to be more than just stimulating and good fun. It has to be educational.

A Language Olympics in the Classroom

So for learning languages you could, for instance, have a game which is about learning words and making sentences in order to score points and race your car to Paris or Madrid. This is essentially what KLOO is – a point scoring race! But the way you get there is by learning a language. Compete, race, overtake! First one to the capital wins.

As a games designer, I initially created KLOO to help make learning a language fast, easy and fun for my own children. Teachers who have taken the game into the classroom have been genuinely taken aback by the reaction of their children – much as I was by my own. That is the power of games working in the classroom

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