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KLOO Language Games' Top International Awards

KLOO Language Games was launched in Autumn 2010. Since then, KLOO’s family board games and card games have won a host of awards including the prestigious ToyTalk Best Board and Card Game of the Year.
In fact KLOO has more awards than any other foreign language game – ever!
We are just as pleased with the reviews we receive from teachers, parents and self learners about their experience with KLOO Games. If you are looking for a language resource, KLOO comes highly recommended! Take a look at what they say about KLOO below.

What customers say about KLOO Language Games

Language Teachers

“I discovered KLOO (French) last year but really started to thoroughly use the game this Autumn Term with 2 of my classes and the word has spread: pupils (of all abilities) want to play that game. I have been using it across the ability range and EVERYONE enjoyed it. My bottom set was able to build sentences following a strict colour code order while my top set reinvented the word order and went the creative way (much laughter was heard, disturbing my head of department who congratulated me on making French so much fun). No more headache and a lot of fun!”
Anouk B, French Teacher, Worth School, W Sussex

“I like to end my lessons with something fun and a bit different than the rest of the lesson. I’ll often say to my students, “What would you like to do? Reading, a song, noughts and crosses, hangman, Kloo?” and 9 times out of 10, the answer is KLOO!! Not only do students love it but it is also really useful and the progress they make when working from one deck to the next is brilliant.
Lindsay D, MFL Teacher, Northants

“My students get lost in this game. As they fly around the board they don’t even notice they are learning”
Sarah O, MFL Teacher, Liverpool

“I am a teacher of MFL and was curious about how useful it would actually be for the students in the new department I would be starting up so I tested it on my partner and relatives. Despite them having no knowledge of Spanish at all, they were able to pick up new words and create sentences accurately. I bought an entire class set for my students and often we play. I definitely recommend this product for in class and at home use – a fun way of developing vocabulary and language skills.
Isaac G, Spanish, Ormesby School, Middlesborough

“At first I thought KLOO was just another game. Then I realised this was different. It’s fun, it’s intuitive and, more importantly, it works. It’s a wonderful way to learn a language.”
Professor Jack Lonergan Director, Language Training, London

“I bought a couple of sets of KLOO at the Language Show and the language assistant plays it with the students, all ages and abilities. They absolutely love it!”
Dulce F, Spanish Teacher, Leventhorpe School, Herts

“I discovered Kloo (French) last year but really started to thoroughly use the game this Autumn Term with 2 of my classes and the word has spread: pupils (of all abilities) want to play that game. The new sets of card makes it even easier to form the sentences as the colored arrows on the side tell you what comes next. And for the most able, who have worked out that these arrows are guidelines but not set in stone, we made up a new rule: if you can place a card somewhere else and it makes sense, then you get a bonus point (you could easily give them 1 minute to look up one unknown word in a dictionary, developing more skills). No more headache and a lot of fun! Brenot MFL Teacher

“My students quickly became engrossed in the game and were correcting each others sentences in a way that would make an Ofsted inspector proud!”
Kate Norman, Director of Language College, Peterborough

“So does it really work? In my opinion, absolutely. The Year 9 guinea pigs who did this first love playing this game. I think because the ultimate aim is to win, they get very competitive and are compelled to remember as much vocabulary as they can as fast as they can. KLOO can compliment teaching very well and the fact that students are building sentences straight away builds their confidence no end. I will certainly be keeping this game as part of my teaching ‘bag of tricks’ and look forward to sharing it with more students and colleagues” The Multilingual Monkey, French and Spanish Teacher

“When you have played the first set, you’ll know why I had to buy the next set. I’ve bought both double-deck sets in French and Spanish and have had hours of fruitful, fun learning with them with family and friends. The variety of games that can be played, and which are detailed in a free-to-download booklet, is quite stunning, making these packs worth every penny for their sheer versatility. What’s more, what I’ve learnt has been of use when I’ve been abroad since using them. Well done”
John Mingay, Language Teacher, Dunfermline

“My daughter came home from school yesterday and said they spent all of double French lesson playing KLOO – and the whole class loved it.”
Anne Green, Parent, Highgate School

“You want to play it, learn and win. I recommend KLOO to everyone.”
Bill Jennings, Teacher

“I teach French, within a school setting, to children aged 7-10 and was so excited to discover this product. Complex sentences can be formed with the game player having very little knowledge of French. The children enjoy racing each other to Paris with the little racing cars. I also play the game at home with my children aged 7 and 11 and my husband. It is great to be able to indulge in a shared family passion while playing a fun game. I could not recommend it highly enough.”
French Teacher, Verified Amazon Review

“I love this game – all my French students have benefited so much from using it.”
Helen Burlefinger, MFL Teacher

“I am a highly qualified language teacher and native Spanish speaker and teach Spanish. I have carefully assessed the contents of the Race to Madrid game (board and cards) and am absolutely thrilled at how it will help my students improve their Spanish while having fun. I also have the version to help non-English speakers learn English (which I also teach) and it is a very valuable resource for my young students from Pakistan.
These games are creative, clever, imaginative and motivating. I am grateful to and congratulate whoever created these fabulous teaching resources. I am so glad I went to the language show 2012 in Olympia and discovered such an amusement for my dear students.”
Maria Londono, Spanish Teacher

“We bought a game for our school. Girls love it! and they learn”
Sandrine Pac-Kenny, MFL Teacher

“Our academy based its teaching on the communicative approach and for this, the KLOO game is an amazing tool. Students build sentences easily and gain in confidence rapidly. Highly recommended!” Nathalie, Amazon Review

“I speak French, German and Spanish fluently and teach those languages to A Level. I use Kloo for Spanish, but have a youngster coming along in French, who will soon need the French version – not just yet though, as she’s a little young.”
Victoria Smith, Teacher

“I have played classic Kloo with my French conversation group. We had great fun competing to make longer sentences. We all have a good standard of French, so we were very strict about the sentences making sense. The game is very versatile and we soon found that the rules can be adapted to suit the ability of the players. There are lots of games on the Kloo website and we are keen to try more of them. The rules can be downloaded to print and there are videos showing how to play some of them – I found this useful for getting started.

We haven’t yet used the board for scoring – pen and paper worked fine, but having read other reviews, I can see the board will add an extra dimension. It occurs to me you could use it the other way round – use dice to move round the board and pick up Kloo cards when you land on the “?” squares, to make sentences…… (I said it’s versatile!) It’s great that the 4 packs of cards and the board now come in a colourful and compact box. I am looking forward to playing Kloo with my grandchildren next.

I must also mention the excellent customer service – I got a quick and extremely helpful response to my query.”
Teacher, Verfied Amazon Reviewer

“I am a French native speaker and I also teach French; I found that product very useful as anyone can play , enjoy the game and learn something. Learning French is fun and every pupils enjoys it It helps to build up and improve the vocabulary; And nobody can’t say…I don’t know. Racing, strategy, knowledge in a foreign language …the perfect mix for a successful game. I could not recommend it highly enough.
Gege, Verified Amazon Reviewer

The Media

“We found..KLOO works well where other methods don’t”

The Independent

“Try KLOO card games. KLOO uses the innate methods we used to learn our mother tongue to make learning more enjoyable.”
France Magazine

“KLOO adds an engaging and gleeful element to language learning. Students feel empowered to use the language, to pronounce new words and to discover meanings. ”
Language Magazine

“Ideal for adults who want to be able to converse with the locals whilst on holiday, or just as a great way of having fun.”
Association of Language Learning, ALL

“KLOO is perfect to help children with their school language studies.”
Families Magazine

“KLOO would make an Ofsted Inspector proud”
Language Today

“KLOO ingeniously uses proven language techniques to make learning more natural and easier. Children love KLOO because it is fun. Schools are using it to get great results.”
PTA Magazine

“Teach the local lingo before arriving at your holiday destination with a KLOO card game. Its a bit like Uno but for languages!”
Kids Time Out

One of my daughters-in-laws works with under privileged children and many of them speak only Spanish. She and some of the other teachers are playing this game to help them understand some of these small children. They are learning quickly. So we are not only learning for fun but it has helped with my daughter-in-law’s job.
Two Classy Chics Mom’s Blog Read More

Parents and Self Learners

One Mother’s Story

“My Kids absolutely love this! Great for learning new vocabulary and has helped loads with their french spelling too. Their teachers have commented on how they’ve really overcome their reluctance to speak up in class, and I know it’s due to the constant practice with the cards. Son is starting Spanish at school now and wants me to get him that set for his whole class to play with. I will get them of course! Can’t recommend this game highly enough – very satisfied customer.”
Fussy Mum, Verified Amazon Reviewer

“I consider myself to be hopeless at learning new languages. Within just a couple of games of Kloo, I’ve picked up new words and phrases already (if I can do it, ANYBODY can) What a great game/learning aid!!”
Leinad, Verified Amazon Reviewer

“FANTASTIC GAME! Bought this for the family and it is brilliant. Have just used packs 1 and 2 so far although bought all 4. Great for all ages and abilities – mixed children and adults works fine. Very good because it self corrects and teaches as you go along. Am looking forward to extension packs in the future”J
Jinny, Parent

“We bought the Kloo game for us to use as our children are eager to learn French as we go on holiday each year. Our children have loved this game and it is an easy way to learn and store the information. Our kids literally cannot put these cards down they love it. I would recommend this to anyone who is eager to learn in a fun and family orientated climate. Great item well worth it.”
Karen & John, Parents

“My children (8-12 yrs) enjoyed these cards and have put more effort into learning new words than they did with books”
Jesa, Verified Amazon Reviewer

“I bought this game for my daughter who has just started secondary school (and French!). As my husband or I could not help her with her French I looked for a game to help us out and found Kloo….it took a few games to get in to it, but once we’d found out exactly what we were doing it was good fun (and became quite competitive!)

My daughter’s French has come on leaps and bounds, as has ours. She no longer worries about going to her French lesson as she has picked up very quickly how sentences go together…we were so impressed by the game we also bought the Spanish version. I would highly recommend this game, especially to all beginners.”
T Smith, Parent

“I discovered Kloo at the Education show and couldn’t wait to get home and try it out with my 8 year old daughter. It certainly hasn’t disappointed. My daughter is very relational, so she enjoys the interactive aspects of the game. Despite the fact that she had previously done very little French, she also loved that she could start playing straight away. I’ve even managed to get my foreign language phobic husband to play with us, but as we’d already played several games by this time, and learnt loads of vocab, maybe that wasn’t fair!

As a home educator and experienced teacher I use lots of games and have seen (and rejected) even more. I’ve been really impressed by the originality and complexity of Kloo. It might look like a bunch of flash cards at first glance, but it is so much cleverer. Educationally, the discovery learning aspect of it is genius. Critically for us, it is also fun. With all the variations and the board game too, Kloo is a game that you will want to play just as entertainment, not just because it’s educational.”
Ginny, Home Educator

“WOW WHAT A FIND. My daughter’s ambitions in life require her to learn languages, fine only problem is I do not speak any to help her. Looked at the books, learn the words still cannot speak it as a language, can say the odd few words but putting it together no hope.”


“Played one deck of French with a friend who can speak French and has done for quite a few years. After three turns I found i was speaking sentances in French (think I did once before at school but can’t really remember and certainly did not understand how to make the sentences). A couple more turns and I could understand how they put the sentances together. Suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel I stand a much greater chance of being able to help my daughter. My French had improved at least 10 fold by the end of the game. There were even words in the game my friend had not come across which she was getting the French dictionary out to check on, (all were correct). She enjoyed it so much she is planning on buying the game for her relatives.

Now came the real challenge, daughter is now in year 5 and has done lunch time club French at school since reception class every week. I needed to play with her in the knowledge I was going to be slaughtered by a 10 year old. The shock came when I realised she did not have a clue on how to form sentences either, some words and a few common sentences like my name is……….I like…………..etc. but she was struggling with a lot that the game offered. What had I being paying my money for with French club all these years?

The basic idea of the game is that you lay down a set of cards in certain order (all colour coded which is why I could do it)you read out the sentence in French and translate it to English, there are clues to what all the words mean on the bottom of the cards so the more you lay the easier it becomes as you can translate from the cards already laid. Within a few goes she was picking it up quick and really excited about being able to say full sentences. Her intention is to practise a lot over the Easter holiday and then go into French Club babbling away in full sentences to her teacher then to produce the game for the kids to play.”

“I have not yet told her that I have the Spanish version with the Italian version on order due out in a few weeks. She is going to be on a real high as well as standing a chances of achieving her goal in life of the career of her choice.

Plans for using Kloo, with friends and cub scouts (attending cubjam 2013 and these will be in my bag for a wet whether game in case we need it and the coach journey game). Daughters intention to play with friends, relatives and take to school.

Well done inventor of Kloo for the invention of this very simple and effective game. Look forward to obtaining more languages as they become available. Can certainly see how schools can benefit from this, even teachers with limited amount of Languages could teach some Languages to kids using this game.”
Christine, Parent

“I first came across this product at the Education show. As I was introduced to it, I was very impressed by the simplicity and the effectiveness of the game! I had not come across many card or board games in foreign languages before and was on the lookout for one. This game just fit the bill! No elaborate rules, can get playing straightaway. Low effort and high returns.

I (only elementary French knowledge) played this card game with my 6 years old daughter (started to learn French) and by the end of a game we were enthused to try and speak some French at home! Not only does it improve the vocabulary but it has the added benefit to introduce the different parts of speech by its colour coded cards. It also gives you the correct pronunciation which is very handy. Nonetheless the fun factor is great as you tot up points along the way. Portable and durable. I will soon be collecting the other packs in the range! Highly recommended!”
Verified Amazon Reviewer

“I have recently bought the Spanish version of KLOO and have really enjoyed using them to help me learn the language. Having booked a holiday in Disneyland and Paris later in the year, I have decided to buy the French version to help me learn some basic French before I go. I have recommended them to all my friends and definitely recommend them to anyone wishing to learn Spanish or French.”
Nikki, Amazon Reviewer

“Great family games. ‘Pairs’ is a vew version of a standard fun card game. But forces kids to read and recognise words quickly. Overall it’s very educational without feeling very educational. And good value. A great purchase.”
Ben Marks, Parent

“This game is an excellent way of improving your French and enabling you to make interesting sentences. I purchased this as all three teenagers are taking French GCSE so a fun way to improve the changes of an A! We enjoyed the game so much that I purchased the Spanish game too as I am learning Spanish playing this with the children is a fun way of improving my Spanish vocabulary too.”
Jen, Parent, Amazon Reviewer

“I bought this game recently for my 2 children aged 11 and 12 as an introduction to French and a fun way to learn. This game is great and helps them to build up their vocabulary. I would recommend it.”
TG Amazon Reviewer

“We were sceptical at first but we really did find Kloo to be a revelation. Even my young kids were playing and learning AND remembering sentences. The colour system just works so easily. Would recommend Kloo to anyone.”
Dulverman, Parent, Amazon Reviewer

“I bought this as a present as it was a recommended gift. I was told that it was a brilliant and effective tool for learning. And it has proved to be exactly that. A definite must buy for learning French for all ages.”

”Having received a pack initially as a gift I then went and bought more packs to play with my daughter. It’s just a fun and remarkably easy way to play. Very soon you get the hang of the sentence system and your vocabulary builds naturally. We enjoyed making funny sentences whenever we could. When you know all the words in one deck you can move on to the next one which has a whole new set of words. Smart and fun and you learn French as you play. Great for kids (and adults!).”
Peter Bond, Parent

“This game is a must have for anyone learning French. It is so easy to play, so educational and so much fun! I have 5 children aged between 5 and 14 and they all thoroughly enjoy it. They don’t realise how much they are learning! I highly recommend it!”

“I found this game very rewarding as a learning aid, The children soon picked it up and found it was fun while learning.”
John, Verified Amazon Reviewer

“We upgraded to the board game having enjoyed the card game. When it arrived yesterday, my 8 year old daughter wanted to play it straight away, before she’d got dressed or had breakfast! It certainly hasn’t disappointed. We played two games back to back yesterday (after breakfast) and she wanted to play again today. My daughter hadn’t done much French before she started playing Kloo and I’m really impressed by how much vocabulary she is learning already. For a beginner it’s a great way to pick up sentence structure and learn vocab. For someone like me who hasn’t spoken much French since leaving school 20 years ago, it’s a great way to remember what I did once know. Whilst having the board game version is far from essential, it’s certainly added to our enjoyment and eliminates the need to find something to keep score on.”
Ginny Home Educator

“Really thought this game helped me learn not only new words but also how to construct sentences and use verbs. You don’t really need the board but it would be good for kids.”
Rose, Amazon Reviewer

“Worth every penny! Playing this game with an adult of similar age and my two children aged 10 and 11 was fun and easy whilst very educational. All my GCSE french came flooding back and my two children have already picked up some really basic french. The addition of the board makes it more fun racing around French landmarks. It is also fab that the game can be played without the board by just using the four decks of cards. Great for long car journeys or taking away on holiday. Would recommend this to any family who would like to help their child learn a language.”
Shelly, Parent, Amazon Review

“Having been introduced to this game by a friend I am well and truly hooked! I have played this game with a group of friends, including my other half who has never learnt any Spanish before and by the end of it we had all learnt new words including him! The game is excellent for improving your grammar and vocabulary but it remains a really fun game to play at the same time. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone, especially to those who want to learn Spanish or to those who are teaching it to someone else. It is a fun interactive game that will quite happily pass many hours. What is even better about this game is you are learning without realising, and by the end of your game you will be able to talk in sentences with no problems.

“The availability of different decks also means that there is a wide range of words you can learn and you can add to the game as and when you want to change the words you are learning, this soon leads to you learning an impressive range of vocabulary all of which is useful in every day conversation. Overall, an absolutely fantastic game, fun and educational and I can’t wait to play again!”
Hayley Keen, Self Learner

”I have now played a few 30-40 mins games with my friends and overall it went down very well. I have several comments, none negative, which I will outline.

I found playing with a score board infinitely more fun than paper and pen. I would definitely recommend the “Race to Madrid” board. It gives a much more complete experience.

I love board games and card games and regularly review games for another website. I am always on the look out for decent educational games as they are a difficult nut to crack. The holy grail for educational games is what could be called the “Golden Triangle” – was it fun? was it accessible? and was it educational?

Fun? Everyone enjoyed it. No one left frustrated, bored or confused. First hurdle was most definitely leapt over with ease.

Accessible? We played with 2 people who had GCSE Spanish, 2 people at beginner level, and one person who had no background in Spanish whatsoever. Everyone did well and no one felt out of their depth – even the person who had never learnt any Spanish previously.

Educational? There was a definite trend of people translating more and more words as we went on. By the end nearly every word in the sentences played were translated and the pot of “untranslated” words diminished. The bloke who knew no Spanish at the start successfully translated complete sentences at the end of the game. So another success.

So overall it hits all 3 important aspects of an educational game. I am delighted to see as accomplished a game as this one. Not many educational games manage to hit all 3 so it is a real joy to find one that does. Also we played a variation with which you separated the Red verbs from the rest of the deck and every player picked one red at the end of their turn and filled the rest of their hand with the other colours. This meant that everyone always had a starter card and more sentences flowed out. This will make more sense when you buy it!”
Benedict Douglas, Self Learner

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