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Welcome to multi-award winning KLOO® Language Games. By Playing KLOO® you will:-

– Learn a language at least 200% faster.
– Start creating proper sentences within 1 minute.
– Never study, work or write – just play and have fun!

KLOO® works because it uses the proven Discovery Learning Principles we used to learn our first language. Find out what all the fuss is about. Try KLOO®’s Spanish, Italian, French and English Language Games risk free, with our Peace of Mind 30 day trial.

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KLOO has won lots of awards

More than any other language game – Ever!

KLOO Facts

Absolute Beginners can make foreign sentences in 10 seconds

KLOO’s unique ColourSense™ cards have embedded important language learning principles into its design. It means that even absolute beginners can make foreign sentences in seconds and learn new words as they play.

Most players learn KLOO’s ColourSense sentence making system in under 10 seconds.

Build vocabulary 10x Faster

 Players effortlessly learn between 15 – 25 words in a 25 minute game. Compare that with the average 15 words a month learned by the average secondary school student in the 5 years leading up to exams (Source: Milton: Journal of French Language Studies). By comparison, players build vocabulary 10 x faster when playing KLOO. It’s the proven Discovery Learning element inside KLOO games which make picking up language so easy and natural. 

With 1 Deck you can make 3 Million Sentences

 Each Deck contains 60 cards containing a precise mathematical balance of pronouns, verbs, nouns, adjectives, connectives and expressions. Using these cards you’ll be able to rapidly piece together complex sentences and make an astonishing 3 million sentences….easily.

Effortlessly learn high frequency words.

Each deck of cards contains words based around important language themes such as:


Eating and Drinking


Everyday Objects

As players learn all the words in one deck they move onto the next one, building vocabulary as they play. All decks contain the high frequency words that are necessary for mastering a language.

Loved by teachers, parents, children and self learners

KLOO is played and enjoyed by language learners of all ages from 7 to 100 years old. Parents use KLOO language games to support their children’s studies; individuals pack KLOO on their travels in order to speak with the locals; and, teachers use KLOO as a fun MFL resource to inspire their students.

In terms of language ability, you can start playing KLOO as a beginner and use it all the way to intermediate stages.

Whatever the reason for playing KLOO and however old you are, learning a language with KLOO is always surprisingly easy and fun.



  • Works well where other methods don’t

    The Independent
  • Adds an engaging and gleeful element to language learning

    Language Magazine
  • I have been using it across the ability range and EVERYONE enjoyed it.

    Anouk B, French Teacher, Worth School, W Sussex
  • KLOO is perfect to help children with their school language studies

    Families Magazine
  • My son has picked up more vocabulary than he had in a year of lessons at school.

    Susanne T (London)
  • I say to my students, “What would you like to do? And 9 times out of 10, the answer is KLOO!!

    Lindsay D, Language Teacher
  • Brilliant Games. Amazing Results

    The Games Bunker
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How to make sentences (and score points) with KLOO cards

Making sentences with KLOO cards is really easy. Just follow the coloured arrows and your sentences will always make sense.

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The Golden Rule

To make Language Learning easy and fun

The one Golden Rule of KLOO® is to PLAY. The more you play, the more you learn. That’s it – all the rest will follow. So enjoy KLOO® , share with others and have fun. If you have enjoyed playing KLOO® please tell others about it – and please tell us too!

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    KLOO turns language into a game. Even beginners will make sentences in seconds, learning words as they play.

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