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  1. Lauren Harry says:

    I played Kloo while on vacation with friends, and it was a fun, engaging way to pass the time while at the airport (4 hour layover). Two of us were proficient in Spanish, but my other two friends had little to no Spanish background. After playing Kloo for a few hours my two non Spanish speaking friends were reeling off sentences they learned as we played the game! I would really love to try this product out with the students in my Spanish class this year.

  2. Rachel Epps says:

    We bought the KLOO Race to Paris board game and love playing it. It’s really helpful because it gets you remembering French vocabulary, teaches new words and helps with some grammar too. Nice to have a game which genuinely helps learn and revise French but is also fun to play. Thank you KLOO!

  3. Leslie Baldwin says:

    I Have just come across this amazing game,,trying to spice up my French and Spanish lessons and my pupils just loved it !
    We did a lesson to introduce the game , so easy with the videos provided on the website / and you tube .
    And then they were off , they just got it so quickly . I am stunned , I cannot believe I have taught languages without this fast, easy, fun game before !!!
    What an amazing teaching tool where the pupils are so in charge of their learning, thank you Kloo 🙂

  4. Serena says:

    I’m so happy to find this KLOO game on Amazon! It helps a lot for speaking up and at the same time so easy to memorize the vocabularies and usage in French. It’s a great and easy way to enjoy learning a new language. I’m also impressed about the resources online and the free printable extension cards. My family enjoy this game a lot. A great game for the whole family! 🙂

  5. rachel says:

    I’m an adult trying to learn French and cannot tell you how much playing Kloo French has helped. Most learning games are aimed at young children so to find a game that adults and children can both play is fantastic. It’s so easy to start playing, it’s fun, we play quick rounds while cooking dinner and even my almost fluent husband has fun! Thanks Kloo can’t recommend highly enough.

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